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  • Congratulations, ${Contacts.First Name}, on taking the first step towards completing your degree with Thiel College!

    Thiel College requires that you submit the following items in addition to your application:
    • Transcripts from any high school that you have attended
    • Official board scores (ACT or SAT)
    Once the Office of Admission has received all of your materials, your file will be thoroughly reviewed. In special circumstances, we may request more information or a personal interview. You will be notified of the admission decision in writing via postal mail.

    • **IMPORTANT**  If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, please be aware that the autofill feature may replace your name with another saved name. PLEASE CORRECT this before you submit your application.
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    • The application must be completed in one sitting. You cannot save and return to the application at a later date/time.
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  • Attendance at Thiel College is a privilege. In order to uphold the ideals of scholarship and sound moral character, Thiel College requires all members of the academic community to behave responsibly and to adhere to the code of student conduct. Thiel College reserves the right, and the student concedes to the College the right, to enforce the code of student conduct through appropriate sanctions, including dismissal of the student at any time and for any reason deemed sufficient. Further, I authorize the College to use data in admissions processes, for purposes of advising and in reports as may be necessary to assure opportunity for all students, principally with regard to federal and state programs of financial assistance. I also grant my high school permission to release my transcript to Thiel College.
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